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There are four keynote presentations, one each day of the conference, when keynote speakers present to all attendees gathered in the Main Hall. Click on the titles to download the Presenter Notes from the conference, or click on the PDF symbol to download a PDF version.


Keynote 1 (Wednesday 3:45 pm):

Word, Worship and World

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

The presentation will explore the essential interconnectedness between Sacred Scripture, Sacred Liturgy and the call to evangelization in the light of the four Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council: The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium), The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum), The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium) and The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (Gaudium et Spes).


Keynote 2 (Thursday 9:30 am):

Music in the Liturgy Since Vatican II: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something True

Fr Jan Michael Joncas

A glance back at Roman Catholic worship music on the eve of the Second Vatican Council. A summary of what Vatican II taught about Sacred Music, especially in Chapter Six of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium. Various responses to the teaching of the Council on sacred music over the past fifty years. A glance into the future.


Keynote 3 (Friday 9:30 am):

Unearthing a Treasure of Inestimable Value: Liturgical Music and the ars celebrandi

Dr Clare V Johnson

Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council described sacred music as “a treasure of inestimable value” (SC 112), finding ways to reclaim past musical treasures and nurture the development of present and future musical treasures provides an ongoing challenge for liturgical musicians today.


What criteria do we use to identify our ‘musical treasures’ past and present?  What is required to bring these treasures to life?  How does the performance of ‘musical treasures’ enhance the ars celebrandi (the art of proper celebration)?  And what is the role of the liturgical musician in promoting the ars celebrandi?


Keynote 4 (Saturday 9:30 am):

Go, Glorifying God by Your Life

Ms Louise Cambell

Liturgy has a role to play as the place where we discover and rehearse our vocation in the church and commitment to the world.  It is our testimony, our tradition and our future.  Many of us have been celebrating the liturgy for as long as we can remember, traversing renewal and revisions along the way.  We are as familiar with the structure, rhythms and words of the liturgy as we are with the face that looks out at us from the mirror, day by day. Yet, St Paul tells us, we see in a mirror dimly; we know, but only in part.  One day we will know fully, we will see God face to face (1 Cor 13:12).


Can we seek to enter the mystery behind the Rites of our Sending, to allow ourselves to be touched and transformed by this power in a way that engages our heart as well as our head?


Can we find a way to deeper sacramental understanding that nurtures our loving and our cherishing, yet compels us to go out as participants in God’s reign in the world and so keep faith with the vision we pronounce?



The following is a list of the workshops, papers and showcases on offer during each breakout session. You can read abstracts, where available, by clicking the title of the presentation. The PDF will open in a new window.


NEW! You can download presenter notes, where available (indicated by red text), by clicking the name of the presenter or the PDF symbol at the end of the entry. More will be added as they come to hand.


Breakout A (Thursday 11:15 AM)

Fr Stephen Hackett MSC - The Liturgical Setting: Shaping Space, Shaping Celebration

Dr Paul Taylor - Liturgical Music for the Prayer of the Church

Ms Pat O'Gorman and Beth Riolo - "Ordos... Missals... Lectionaries and the Like" - Starting Points for Crafting Liturgy

Mrs Angela Quinn - An Educational Experience Integrating Y7 & Y8 Music with Religious Education

Mr Michael Mangan - Let the Children Come!

Rev Patrick O'Regan - Ars Celebrandi: Exploring a Theology and Spirituality of Ministerial Action

Dr Carmel Pilcher rsj - Inculturating Liturgy: Is It Still Possible?


Breakout B (Thursday 2:00 PM)

Ms Cathy Murrowood - Preparing for Lay-led Sunday Celebrations of the Word

Sr Judith Foster SGS - Lift Up Your Hearts in Blessing

Ms Josie Ryan and Ms Fiona Dyball - Liturgical Music in Secondary Schools: Connection, Proclamation, Response

Mrs Jenny O'Brien - Catholic Worship Book II: Showcase of New Music Resource for Parish and Schools

Dr Clare Johnson - Celebrating Liturgy with Children

Fr Jan Michael Joncas - Exploring Liturgical Preaching: God's Word in Human Voices

Ms Louise Campbell - Inculturation of the Liturgy: a Sacred Pilgrimage


Breakout C (Friday 11:15 AM)

Mr David Nelson - What Makes Australians Participate in Liturgy?

Dr Geoffrey Cox - What Shall We Do With Gregorian Chant?

Ms Louise Campbell - How Are You Keeping Lent This Year?

Fr Jan Michael Joncas - Hymns in Christian Worship

Rev Dr Barry Craig - Celebrating the Reformed Communion Rites: From Practical Exclusion to Formal Inclusion

Dr Carmel Pilcher and Fr John Fitz-Herbert - 'We Are Australian': Inculturation, Liturgy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday

Breakout D (Friday 2:00 PM)

Bishop Peter Elliott - The New Liturgical Movement: Recovering Vatican II

Mr Richard McMahon - Moving Eucharist from Side Show to Main Event in Pastoral Planning

Fr Jan Michael Joncas - Hymns for the Liturgical Year (Showcase)

Br James Maher MSC - Facilitating Liturgical Music: Giving Voice to the Heart's Journey

Rev Dr Tom Elich - Full, Conscious, Active Participation

Ms Amanda McKenna and Ms Gina Ogilvie - The Power of Music to Touch & Transform Lives


Breakout E (Saturday 11:15 AM)

Mr Darren McDowell - Coming to Grips with Discernment in Initiation

Mr Jim Clinch - The Organ, the iPad and Me

Ms Elizabeth Harrington - The New Evangelisation: What's the RCIA Got to Do With It

Mrs Donrita Reefman - Developing a Parish Choir

Monica O'Brien and Willow - As One Voice & Willow Publishing 'Big Sing' Showcase

Fr Jan Michael Joncas - Psalms in Christian Worship

Mr Paul Mason - Principles and Resources for Selecting Music for Mass

Sr Ursula O'Rourke SGS - Serving as a Minister of Communion - Within the Eucharist and Beyond the Celebration

Mr Richard McMahon - Come As You Are: Saying Welcome and Meaning It


Breakout F (Saturday 2:00 PM)

Rev Dr Elio Capra SDB - The Mass Is Not Over Until We Deliver the Casserole

Mr Patrick Nisbet - Using LiturgyHelp to Prepare Liturgy

Mr Darren McDowell - Becoming an Initiating Community

Mr Bernard Kirkpatrick - Chant for Clergy, Choir and Assembly

Fr Jan Michael Joncas - Responsorial Psalms for the Church Year (Showcase)

Rev Dr David Orr OSB - Exercising the Priesthood of the Faithful in Sunday Mass

Mrs Elizabeth Harrington - Everything You Wanted to Know About the GIRM but Were Afraid to Ask

Mr Graeme Mundine - Everyone’s Talking About Us: Inculturation from an Aboriginal Perspective

Ms Monica O'Brien - Church Copyright - Navigating the Maze

Clergy Focus Day


A special stream of keynote and workshops focused on three areas of special interest to all clergy - homiletics, the art of celebration and music.


The day begins at 8:00 AM with Mass in the Cathedral, followed by Morning Prayer. At 9:30 AM Fr Jan Michael Joncas presents his Keynote on Music in the Liturgy Since Vatican II: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something True. After morning tea, Rev Patrick O'Regan presents his Workshop on Ars Celebrandi: Exploring a Theology and Spirituality of Ministerial Action.


During a leisurely lunch, explore the latest resource offerings in liturgy and music at the Conference Expo in St Mary's Main Hall. After lunch Fr Jan Michael Joncas returns to present his Workshop on  Exploring Liturgical Preaching: God's Word in Human Voices. Afternoon tea precedes a Taize Liturgy of the Word to finish out the day by 4:30 PM.


When registering, indicate your preferences as follows:

Breakout A: O'Regan

Breakout B: Joncas


Parish Liturgical Ministry Focus Day



Saturday presents a bumper array of workshops on all aspects of liturgical ministry, including music showcases and workshops on integrating new technologies into liturgy. The day begins with Mass at 8 AM. At 9:30 AM Ms Louise Campbell presents her inspiring Keynote: Go, Glorifying God by Your Life.


A Focus on Inculturation


We are fortunate to have six excellent presentations on the topic of inculturation. On the Thursday, in Beakout A, Dr Carmel Pilcher presents Inculturating Liturgy - Is It Still Possible? In Breakout B, Ms Louise Campbell presents Inculturation of the Liturgy: a Sacred Pilgrimage.

On the Friday, in Breakout C, Fr John Fitz-Herbert presents 'We Are Australian': Inculturation, Liturgy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday.


On Saturday, Monica O'Brien and Willow present As One Voice Generations - Australian Composers Showcase, and Graeme Mundine presents An Aboriginal Catholic Eastern Rite Inculturation.


Teachers, Catechists and Children's Liturgy Focus Day (Thursday)


Three streams have been carefully designed for (1) primary music and RE teachers, catechists and children's liturgy leaders; (2) secondary music teachers, RE teachers and liturgy coordinators; (3) primary and secondary RECs. Each stream focuses on upskilling teachers in knowledge of liturgical music and liturgical resources for RE. Presenters include (1) Mr Michael Mangan and Dr Clare Johnson; (2) Mrs Angela Quinn and Ms Fiona Dyball; (3) Pat O'Gorman and Beth Riolo, and Sr Judith Foster SGS (see Breakout information for further details). Each stream begins with Fr Jan Michael Joncas' Keynote presentation on Music in the Liturgy Since Vatican II.


For new scheme teachers wishing to use this day as Teacher Identified Professional Development (PD) for the maintenance of accreditation at professional competence / proficient level, the standards covered during the Thursday focus stream sessions are:

2.1.2 Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.

3.4.2 Select and/or create and use a range of resources, including ICT, to engage students in their learning.

6.2.2 Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.

6.3.2 Contribute to collegial discussions and apply constructive feedback from colleagues to improve professional knowledge and practice.

7.4.2 Participate in professional and community networks and forums to broaden knowledge and improve practice.


For all teachers and RE coordinators wishing to claim accreditation hours, an attendance record will be kept and made available on request (Contact Paul Mason at

Special Events


Attendance at one or more of the  Special Events listed on this page can be pre-booked during registration. Questions regarding attendance at these events are asked just after the Breakout preference choices. Just check YES to the particular event.

Conference Dinner


The Conference Dinner is being held at the Novotel Wollongong Northbeach Grand Ballroom. The Dinner comprises a three course plated meal with a bottle of white wine, a bottle of red wine and a jug of soft drink per table. Light music and entertainment is also provided and there is a cash bar for drinks other than those provided on the table.


Australian Pastoral Musicians Network (APMN) Annual General Meeting


The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network will be held during the conference. The agenda includes presentation of reports, election of the committee for 2014 and discussion on aims and objectives for the coming year. All APMN members are expected to attend the AGM.

Australian Pastoral Musicians Network (APMN) Breakfast


A special breakfast for members of the APMN will be held on Friday morning in the Xavier Centre.


Cantor Lessons


Mrs Annette Griffin is offering 30 minute introductory cantor lessons for singers, choir members, instrumentalists and music lovers during breaks at lunch and during the free time on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Check YES when answering the question "Free Cantor Lesson?" during registration.


The 30-minute introductory lesson briefly covers basic vocal technique and delivery within the context of singing and/or cantoring the parts of the Mass, with particular reference to the Responsorial Psalm.


Each voice belongs to, and is governed by, the physical and emotional makeup of the individual.  Everyone has the capacity to sing  -  just a few basic rules of technique is all that is needed to get you started!


Annette Griffin holds DipMusEd, ADMT, and AMusA (piano) from Sydney Conservatorium. She has been teaching piano, voice and choral work for a number of years.

With her children in primary school at Holy Family Parish, Menai, Annette began accompanying for the school choir, The Harmonics, who recorded a number of CD’s and won places in local Eisteddfods.


In 1995 Annette assisted in establishing the Holy Family Parish Choir, co-directing and accompanying at weekly Masses. Subsequently, overseas tours and recordings were initiated and in 2003 Annette travelled with the choir to sing at the evening vigil Mass in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome – undoubtedly the highlight of her choral experiences.


In 2003, Annette took up the position of Head Vocal tutor at The Illawarra Grammar School where she teaches private students from Kindergarten to HSC level. She is Voice Trainer and Choir Director at St Francis Xavier's Cathedral Wollongong.


Organ Lessons


Mrs Godelieve Ghavalas is offering 30 minute introductory organ lessons during breaks at lunch and during the free time on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Check YES when answering the question "Free Organ Lesson?" during registration.


Bring 1 contemporary hymn, 1 traditional hymn, 1 psalm and 1 short "piece" which you know well. Learn how to set appropriate registrations for each piece and how to make use of the bass coupler or add a simple pedal line. Various organ tutors will be on display and recommendations can be made if you wish to improve your skills.


Godelieve Ghavalas (B.Mus) joined the ranks of St Patrick’s Church Hill organists in February 2000 after returning from two years in

London with the St Giles International Organ School during which time she studied under several accomplished organists and had the

opportunity to play many fine instruments. At St Patrick’s she is principal organist for the choir and accompanies them on Sundays

and all major feast day liturgies.


Believing in enticing young people to play the organ, she runs the Not Just Notes Scholarship scheme of ten free lessons to piano students (Grade 5+) that would like to experience playing the organ. This scheme was extended to church organists who felt they wanted to improve their technique.


Godelieve is also organist at Corpus Christi, St Ives and is actively involved in music at other parishes for special liturgies, weddings and funerals. Previous positions held were at St John’s in Florida, South

Africa (18 years) and The Holy Name Priory, Wahroonga (12 years). She is currently Education Chair for the Organ Music Society of Sydney having been a committee member since December 2001 and President from 2007 - 2010.

Information about the main liturgies is presented here to encourage the full, conscious, active participation of all during the liturgies at the conference.


Resources for preparation will be provided here in good time before the conference.

Wednesday Liturgy

Thursday Liturgy

Friday Liturgy

Opening Mass

Featuring the Mass of Glory and Praise (Paul Mason).


Penitential Act

Glory to God


Holy, Holy, Holy

When we eat this bread


Lamb of God


Thursday Morning Mass

Featuring the Mass of St Francis (Paul Taylor).


Penitential Act

Holy, Holy, Holy

We proclaim your death


Lamb of God


Conference Mass

Featuring the Mass of Christ the Redeemer (Bernard Kirkpatrick).


Penitential Act

Glory to God


Holy, Holy, holy

Save Us, Saviour


Lamb of God


Saturday Morning Mass

Featuring the Glendalough Mass (Liam Lawton).


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Saturday Liturgy


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